50 Things That Make Me Happy

Thank you to Everything Mummy and Max & Mummy for tagging me in "50 things that make me happy" ... I'm just going to list everything that pops into my head and makes me smile!

1. Days off with my kids, including my nephew
2. Running with loud music playing
3. Seeing a weight loss on the scales
4. Bleaching my kitchen
5. Clearing my washing pile
6. A good tidy up in the house
7. Laughing with good friends over a bottle of wine
8. Meeting new people
9. Success on a PR Campaign
10. Watching Matilda giggle
11. Watching the girls play together
12. Seeing Nevie look after her smallest sister
13. My bed!
14. Soaking in the bath
15. Hitting publish on blogger
16. Driving to work when the sun is shining and a good tune is playing
17. At home on a sunny, warm day and the windows are open airing out the rooms
18. Watching Ressurection
19. Getting my subscription mags through the door
20. Scrapbooking
21. Playing Netball
22. Cooking something new
23. Hoovering
24. Cuddles with my children
25. Cuddles with my husband
26. Family days out
27. Seeing my nephew
28. Eating something naughty like chips!
29. Watching Matilda eat!
30. Fresh bed linen 
31. Pay day!
32. Chatting to someone positive
33. Reading success stories
34. Listening to jolly music
35. Our treat of going home straight after school (rare!)
36. Freshly washed hair
37. Nice perfume
38. A bloggers meet up
39. Going to use the printer and it actually works
40. Flowers in the house!
41. My husband looking after me
42. Date nights with my husband
43. Matilda's Turtle Tots swimming lesson
44. A good book 
45. Listening to my girls read
46. Coffee first thing
47. Pate on toast!
48. A clean car
49. Relaxing on the sofa in the evening
50. Climbing into my pj's and taking my bra off!

I tag Alice, Jessica and Paige



Another week on Slimming World and I have lost what i gained last week so that means that I am now 10st 13lbs. I'm hoping to reach 10st 10lbs this coming week!

I did weigh two hours before my official weigh in though...

I need your inspiration, so whether you are following the Slimming World plan or just eating clean and healthy then please share your blog posts with me all about food!



Fab Food Friday Week 3

Well I am a little later this week but luckily my fellow FAB FOOD FRIDAY partner in crime PooleMamma is on the ball.

A huge thank you to Mrs Shilts for getting involved with our new linky. Its all early days but we do hope more of you get involved.... because I need the inspiration! I gained 1.5lbs this week. Ouch!

Mrs Shilts linked up with one of my favourite dishes; The Slimming World Syn free Diet Coke Chicken. You can see it here;



Slimming World - 8 months in...

I almost didn't go. I actually sent an email to the lady in charge of my upset or happiness each week at 7pm on Thursdays and put forward my case of why I shall not turning up to my usual class. My email was poised with all my guilt of not wanting to show up to the meeting because since increasing my excercise again my weight isn't decreasing on the scales.

The dreaded, but at the same time stupidly exciting weekly weigh in has become all too much for me. I'm weighing myself at home two and even three times a day, getting myself in a panic when the scales show a gain and feeling smug when the scales show a loss. My weight can shift by up to 3lbs in a day which would drive anyone insane who is on a weight loss mission and so close to target.

I have one stone left to reach for my target that i set september 2014 and i was so sure i was going to reach it by 31st march 2015. I have failed by a stone but this isn't from lack of trying.

I was sat at home watching the clock knowing that weigh in had started and wondering if i should go. Yes i sent the email and yes i had already said that I wouldn't be going but this routine has been a part of my life since Septemener and I couldn't cope with not attending.

I currently do about 3 hours of fitness a week. I wonder what I can do to make the scales show a weight loss without giving up weights and running?! 

So my first gain of this size - 1.5lbs on this week! How did I cope? Well I headed straight to the gym of course! 

Wish me luck .. And any tips! 

Half term activities my children have done April 2015

Although both my husband and I have had to work and share childcare over this years Easter break, our children have still managed to have heaps of fun with both of us and other family members... we are all getting ready to wind down at the weekend and get prepped for the return to school.

So here is a list of everything my kids have done over the past two weeks... some of these have been done several times! Phew!

1. Baking

2. Crafting
3. Birthday parties
4. Easter party past bed time!
5. Kingston Lacy
6. Moors Valley
7. Sleepover
8. Movie night
10. Breakfast out
11. Beach
12. Garden party
13. Park which incl learning to ride a bike without stabilisers.
14. Adventure Wonderland
15. Honeybrook Farm
16. Corfe Castle
17. Nanny and Grandads
18. Lego building
19. Trampolining
20. Gymnastics
21. Playing in the garden with next doors kids
22. Face painting
23. Nail painting


Feeling Fruity?

Pahahahaha I love the name as much as I love the patterns and colours on this paper download from docrafts. These are totally free to download folks BUT they will not be available until 1st May from the docrafts Facebook page www.facebook.com/docrafts

I just think they are so cool and scrummy. All you need to do is download them and print them off and they are ready to use. I think I will be framing a couple of them and adding them to my kitchen!


Fat Free Curry

I have finally cooked my very own curry! Fat free and all my own work. In fact this past week alone I have cooked four fat free curries. All on the Swimming World plan and all packed with yummy vegetables.

Start by chopping your chicken or fish into small bite size pieces and brown off in a frying pan with FryLight.

Remove the chicken or fish onto a plate and Pop to one side. 

Fry a chopped onion and three minced garlic cloves until they are transparent. Again only use FryLight.

Add in a chopped apple.

Add three tbsp of curry powder and add a sprinkling of salt.

Then add to your frying pan your chicken or fish and 500ml of stock. Use a chicken stock for chicken and veg stock for fish.

In a souce pan cook your vegetables until they are slightly soft and still bright green.

Once your vegetables are ready add to your frying pan or wok along with 150g of fat free natural yogurt but stir this in gently and do not allow this to boil otherwise it will curdle!


Corfe Castle At Easter

Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt in conjunction with the National Trust... Corfe Castle


Little Easter Bunny Notes

Does anyone else do this?

My kids can't wait for the Easter Bunny to hop their way!