Hotter Review Mothers Day Event

Whilst it's all lovely that Spring has arrived, for me it's time to panic. It means that it's getting closer to having to pack my boots up and putting sandals and pretty shoes on instead. I'm a huge fan of boots but would look silly living in them all year round! Well, I would if I could.

A recent invite to Hotter Shoes in Bournemouth with my mum was the perfect time to see what's on trend for Spring (no boots) and to spend some shopping time with my mum for Mothers Day.

My mum knows her style and what she wants so within 10 minutes she had picked, tried and purchased a pair of shoes. Me? Oh this was never going to be easy! I'm very particular with my style and Hotter offered several pairs within my style range which only made this a harder choice. Pretty shoes perfect for work and great comfort for doing the school run before and after work. 

Spending a lot of time on my feet rushing around means that I need comfort but being a working mum I need the best comfort AND style. 

After a couple of hours (im not kidding!) I chose the magenta Antionette shoe. These offered both style and comfort. I was determined to not chose black as I usually do so went for my favourite pink!

I'm not a fan of wearing flats but these have a small heel and have a super comfort concept!

Other favourites (waiting for pay day!) are the Michelle Heels, Hettie Wedges, Leanne shoes, Mabel Shoes

DISCLAIMER: I was offered a free of pair shoes at their event. My blog post is honest... as always!


Completely Potty Night Out

Completely Potty is a cute little pottery shop based in Cardigan Road, Winton in Dorset. A road that I often visited as a kid with my mum for the old Post Office and fabric store. A road full of familiarity and nostalgia.

Painting pottery is something that I have never done before. I decided to organise a ladies night with mums from my middle daughters year group - reception. Some of the mums have children already in the school and some are newcomers so I felt a night to break the ice (not the pottery!) would be in order.

The owner Charlotte Booth at Completely Potty allows wine to be bought in on a ladies night 7-10pm and the tables are assembled in whatever manor you wish. On our night I chose to have three long tables.

Each person pays a £3.50 deposit upon booking which is also the studio fee. I suggest you call or email ( info@completelypotty.org.uk ) to book before turning up. They can hold up to 20 people. You can purchase tea, coffee and hot chocolate on the evening if wine isn't on your menu.

I loved that after 6pm you can park right outside free of charge. It's the little things in life ;-)

Each person is supplied with a ceramic tile which is your paint tray and you have a bowl of water and paint brushes of different sizes.

Charlotte talked the tables through different techniques, the colours and the different pottery choices. She was incredibly friendly and made us all feel right at home. One table took on the blowing technique with the bubble technique on their chosen pottery pieces. such a simple yet effective way of decorating.

Completely Potty is for all ages and can be booked for special events like hen parties, birthday parties or like us, school mum get together! ;-)

There are so many different pieces of pottery you can paint. Prices start from £3 up to £30 for the really large pieces. I chose to decorate a huge coffee cup and this was just £10.

When I sat down I had a vision of what I wanted my coffee cup to be like - something special to drink from that put me in my happy place. I love the beach and sea that is so close so I chose a beach themed colour palette and inspired by love of my family and pinterest I created hearts and words.

Everyone had lots of fun Friday night and it was a great way of getting to know each other a little better. Wine, laughter, chatter and all home in bed for 10.30pm... very rock and roll.

I know some of the ladies who went were worrying beforehand that they are not the creative type (including me when it comes to painting) but once we were all there, we all got excited and creative and I think we all surprised ourselves. We can't wait to book up again!

I love that on a normal day when you attend there is road parking available and plenty of car parks close by and there is no time limit to being at Completely Potty so if you are in need of escaping and fancy something different to do why don't you just pop along and get creative. They welcome children of all ages too so it could be a lovely thing to do when mummy - child time is needed.

Disclaimer - This was not a paid for review. Myself and the other ladies all paid the full amount required but loved it so much I decided to write about it!



This past week or so I have lost my way on the slimming world plan. Last week i wasn't feeling well so I wanted comfort food.

I have struggled with depression due to being stressed and tired. Anyone elses kids pushing them to their limits? My negative mind has made the plan much harder to stick to.

I also usually shop at Aldi or Lidl but I'm finding that I'm not really buying the right stuff. I'm throwing things together and just sticking to what I know which to be honest, is pretty boring now!

This week I tried the Tesco click and collect service and I am converted. So much easier when you have a toddler to deal with and you work. Saves time and less fuss.

I'm actually planning my meals this week too!

Here is my meal planner for the week ahead...

Chicken with leak and cabbage mash and rice

Spaghetti bolognese

Jacket potato with beans and cheese or Carbonara (Slimming World style!)

Gammon, eggs, peas

Welsh Onion cake

Home made pizzas


I also need to get out for some runs because i haven't done much these past two weeks. I'm hoping to run 2 8k's this week. Eating carelessly and having the odd glass of wine in the week has made my body feel terrible. I mean really rubbish. I'm bloated, tired and constipated. This feeling really isn't for me. I'm craving fresh fruit and vegetables...and lots of it!


Let The Sun Shine

I don't know about you but i am really looking forward to the warmer weather. 

I'm looking forward to having my patio doors open whilst my children play in the garden, popping in for a drink without bringing mud into the house. I am looking forward to hanging washing on the line and watching the clothes sway in the gentle breeze whilst the sun dries the wet washing. I'm looking forward to running on an evening with the sun shining. I'm looking forward to the summer holidays and annual leave, lazy warm mornings and bbq's. Cold white wine on an evening sat on the patio with hubby and friends and heading to the local beach building sandcastles with my little girls.

What are you looking forward to?


28lbs Gone With Slimming World

So I'm almost there! I'm almost at target! On Friday morning I reached the 2 stone loss mark and I felt so overjoyed. I feel great. Only 11.5lbs left to shift... But it is getting harder so please wish me luck! 

Last night I went out with my school mum friends and for the first time in ages I felt great! 

Below shows September 2014, November 2014 and February 2015. Not bad after having three kids eh?! Still got my mummy tummy to tone up but I know I can do this.

I didn't mean to look Unhappy in the last image. I was tired. It was early. My hubby got snap happy!

The images below show me in June 2014 and me in January 2015.

I'm feeling so much better. I have more energy and my fitness levels have increased rapidly! 

I was once told to go for it! Otherwise I could get to this point, six months down the line and be heavier, unhappier and regret not starting 6 months ago. That's what I did. I got on plan and made a start. Six months later I'm 28lbs smaller. 

No regrets.

No wishing I had started it sooner.


Slimming World Now In Iceland

So today was the launch of big, free on the plan Slimming World meals in Icelands shops around the UK and I was one of the many losers (lost 26lbs don't you know) to stock up the freezer today! 


Nail Biting. I Need Your Help.

I am fully aware that I have a nasty habit and it gets worse when I'm stressed or anxious. It's a habit that I never want my daughters to inherit but I have recently noticed that they have actually started doing this too and it upsets me.

Nail biting. Yes that's my nasty habit and I have always wanted lovely, girlie, beautiful nails but I'm often stressed and anxious and end up chewing them to the point that my finger tips are sensitive to touch. From doing up buttons to untieying knots. 

I have recently noticed, more so as we approached half term and my girls have been getting increasingly tired that they are biting their beautiful nails too and I find myself preaching to them about the nasty habit. I want them to enjoy having long healthy nails and not biting them off all the time. I think it's an easy habit to do and a hard one to stop!

Surely there must be a way for myself and my two eldest daughters to stop the biting so our nails grow beautifully.

I welcome your ideas!


A Sunday Walk

Due to birthday parties, housework, homework, food shopping, rain and the horrid ice cold weather it's been a while since we have headed out for a long walk in the fresh air with nothing but grass and mud to keep us entertained.

It was a busy Sunday today but we made time, two hours actually to get out to Badbury Rings in Dorset and run around soaking up the fresh air. I laughed and skipped and ran and screamed. So did the kids. I have missed family time like this.


Mothers Day Crafting

Mothers Day, as Michael McIntyre put it recently at a show at the Tivoli in Wimborne is focused on the kids and dad creating breakfast, a big mess in the kitchen and then bringing breakfast up to me in bed. Then as soon as I have had a few bites of the attractive looking selection and probably shared it with the rest of the family it is up to me to tidy up the bed, the bedroom and the kitchen!

However the thought that my children want to be nice to me for that hour is super cute and heart melting. They are actually thinking about their Mumma and not fighting with each other or wearing me down to breaking point!

Mothers Day for me is not only about me but about my mum too. She has done so much for me and she continues to do so much for me even as a thirty something home owner, working, married woman with three kids! I still turn to my mum like I have always done and now I'm a mum myself I understand her so much more.

My kids love to craft me cards and get creative for occasions like this, and I like to do the same.

I came across a selection of gorgeous craft products that us grown ups can buy in the sale at docrafts.com to make a simple Thank You card to mum or that special person. Crafting isn't just for kids. Crafting can make a very heart felt message of uniqueness and being super special. There are products out there that can give you a professional look without even trying!


Frame Fun Paper Designs To Add Colour To A Room

Adding something new to the home doesn't need to be costly and such hard work! (I haven't got the time or the energy!)

I love these free docrafts downloadable and printable papers! Not just for crafting folks, how about framing a design or two and placing it in a room where some fun and colour needs to be added. You can pick up fab frames from your local charity shop! 

 I have two cats, and my daughters find cats fun so I'm in love with this latest paper collection.