A New Page Has Been Added

I have added a new page to my blog!

If you don't know already, I am the Media & PR Coordinator for docrafts. I have been working with docrafts for 10 years now (well, with a stint as docrafts Brand Manager experiencing work trips to China, Germany and America before kids!) and as I am always trying to tell everyone about all the new content that docrafts has to offer (not to increase sales may I add, but I really am in love with all the lovely craft products that I work with), I thought I would set up a new page on my blog and then you can see for yourself what I am always talking about!

Ten years is a long time to work for a company. This has been my home since I graduated from University as a journalist and I feel very passionate about the craft industry and those within it.

docrafts was founded in 1997 by industry leading entrepreneurs and has now become one of the UK’s leading craft suppliers across independent specialists, national retailers, TV shopping channels and multiple overseas territories. With exclusive house brands and licensed products featuring in the self-published Creativity Magazine, docrafts leads the way in technique-led project ideas and inspiration. Whilst specialising in papercraft, docrafts also supplies kid’s craft, digital, jewellery, soft craft and cake decorating.

I am also currently working on setting up press contacts, and that includes freelance craft designers and bloggers onto the system to access a trade account which will give them/you a discount on craft purchases and access to a whole heap of images, product information and editorial content from docrafts.

If you choose to feature any of the docrafts news on your blog/website/publication/social media then I would be very grateful if you could let me know over at emmac@docrafts.com and I can add the great news to my PR report :-)

Well... I better get back to it!


Scarves Are Cool In Summer

Apologies for my daughters laughing in the background. They thought mummy was funny on TV!

I also made my daughters a top each to go over their swimwear today using my smaller scarves for when they weren't in the paddling pool. They loved them! x


Just Like The Old Days.

My heating and water tank really annoys me. I mean really annoys me. Actually there's a few things at home that really annoy me.

There's never any hot water when I need. I just want a bath. Ooops forgot to pop the hot water on! Argh! We can't leave it on as it heats up all of upstairs. I need to find money for a combo boiler. I don't think I have ever had one before.

Home phone. Ours doesn't work. It's not cordless. Give me strength! I just want to be able to take calls and make calls on a landline to make my landline fee worth while. Free weekend calls? Yes I have them but I never use them. I know I have a mobile phone with free minutes but I want a landline like the old days! And One that works. One that just sits there and doesn't get pushed or broken or taken by a kid. One that takes voicemail and stores numbers.

CD player. I know I have Spotify on my phone but what about my CD's that I bought in the past? I know they are old news and it's old school now but I wouldn't mind just sticking a Now album on that I have bought in the past. I just want a CD player.

My printer. There isn't anywhere to put it so it's on the floor unplugged. No paper. No ink. I just want to be able to press a button and voila...print!

I would like to switch on my laptop and be able to use it. Not wait for ages. Not wait for it to boot up. Not wait for the screen to stop flickering. It's funny how technology now is instant. I want to be able to feel inspired to grab my laptop and start working.

Anyway. So. The lottery... 


Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

Have you seen these from Milton yet? I love Milton. Third time around, I didn't have a steriliser. I simply sterilised the baby bottles in the sink with a Milton Tablet over night. It was so easy and I loved the smell!

Milton recently sent me one of these for Matildas dummies. I try not to let her have a dummy in the day and just let her have it when she needs a nap or gets tired and grumpy. As we are an outdoor family, this little pod slots into her little Peppa Pig bag and keeps a dummy sterilised at all times. If she drops a dummy and its really dirty (you will usually find us near dirt!) then I just do a swap over and store the other one in the Milton mini steriliser and after 15 minutes it's all clean again!

I also love that you only need to change the water every 24 hours! The sponge inside the little pod soaks up the water so nothing leaks. It's so good!

I love that you could hang it off the pushchair or off the trike when you pop out!

Today Nursery thought it was great!

Key features

  • 2 in 1: cleans and sterilises soothers on the go
  • Allows you to always have one soother ready whenever you need it
  • 100% watertight, no risk of spills inside your bag
  • Sterilises in 15 minutes using Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets
  • No need to rinse
  • Adjustable strap to easily attach it to your buggy, pram or change bag
  • BPA free
  • Use only with the Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets
Disclosure - I was sent this product to review.As always I chose to give an honest review of a product sent to me.


Running Feels Great

Running is something that I love to do but getting going and finding the motivation has never been easy for me. After my second daughter was born I went on a mad running/spinning/aerobics binge along with Slimming World and lost 26lbs in just three months. I have never felt so amazing!

When I fell pregnant again and the weight was creeping up, I knew that I would have to work hard at shifting the weight again but I didn't realise how little time I would have with three children and a husband that worked over 30 miles away! No gym for me. All the classes are on too early.

This year I decided to start up running again. Well, it started off as a power walk with my neighbour and fellow blogger The Poole Mamma. An hour of breaking a sweat and we were beating our record each time. A few months later and I started having the drive to run and try and beat my record each time. This was purely a focus for me to do it rather than being super hardcore at running and showing off. I also liked feeling like Poole Mammas personal trainer.

Have you heard of Fitbug UK? Well it's a great calorie watching friend. I was first introduced to the Fitbit by my friend Katy Godbeer (her weight loss and running journey is also a fab story!) and then my mum purchased one and couldn't stop telling me how great it was and then I was sent something very similar to review; the Fitbug UK orb. It's brilliant! A little annoying because the second you get it a bit wet then you have had it then it's time to change the battery. Running in the rain with it isn't easy and I enjoy running in the rain and when on your wrist you keep thinking you have a watch on. BUT it does monitor your sleep, your steps, your aerobics and your calories. You become addicted to watching those steps go up and you get excited about waking up in the morning to read your sleep pattern over night. I don't think any of that is a bad thing because it's all adding to the drive to shift this weight.

You can sync it with My Fitness Pal App. Heard of that one? It's great too.

I'm really enjoying the running! Apx 35 minutes of running and some walking to catch my breath, with the added aid of My Runkeeper app three times a week. Yes I'm a little app mad. I'm really getting into this fitness lark. I feel bad when I eat or drink something naughty and try to rectify it, or some of it with some calorie burning.

I have started to notice something change in my body. I am getting smaller and fitter. I still have a long way to go and I think my mummy tummy (3 caesareans in 5 years!) is still as wobbly and big as ever but something is happening and mentally I'm feeling better for it. Even my hair and skin feels and looks better!

I have invested in new trainers, some new running trousers and a t.shirt and still fit (just) into my running bra. I even invested in some new running socks! Have I missed anything?

The only thing I haven't mastered yet is getting my non sleeping daughter, my first born to go to sleep before I go running!


Changing Rooms on a Budget

Recently I have gone a little crazy and started changing furniture around! I am desperate to move house, and with three little girls and a hard working husband my house is looking a little run down and in need of some TLC. Anxiety got the better of me last week and so I started changing furniture around and hitting a room at a time!

The lounge, kitchen, hallway, utility room, oldest girls room has all had the Emma stamp on them and then I went for it in my bedroom at the weekend! With no budget, it's amazing what some furniture moving and some little items from Dunelm Mill can do to a place.

Oh my goodness my bedroom needs professionals. I just want my little piece of escapism (a tidy room, dim lighting and some organisation would be a start). With nothing but furniture moving, I have created a much better look and feel. I feel happy.

I won't show you my entire room but two basic key features that worked were the upcycling of my pin board. This had nothing on it and has just been hanging on my white wall looking sad for a year. Now it's an extension of my wardrobe and it the home to my scarves.

And a little iPad reading area... Just missing my notebook and pen from the area now! My brain dumping zone before bed.

Hmmm... What room to tackle next... 


Let's Go Fly A Kite

Kite flying just takes me back to my childhood and with the amount of people that stopped to talk to us and admire our kite flying this weekend, I know I'm not the only one who is a big child at heart.

My children thrive on being outside, in the fresh air looking for the next adventure.

The one thing we haven't done for a while is kite flying so we popped to The Range and purchased a couple of low budget kids kites and hit Hengistbury Head early Saturday morning and The National Trusts Badbury Rings today. 

(Oh and a spot of butterfly watching and bug hunting!)

We love living in Dorset!

My weekend was pretty perfect.