2012 So Far...

A New Year is always a time for optimism and new goals. I always get really excited in December of the thought of a whole new year approaching and it's up to me to make it work the way I want it to work so I can reflect in the following December and say "that was pretty damn good!" - how about you?

2012 for me was all about doing 'those' things that I have always wanted to do. Bite the bullet, deal with the consequences and live the year like it was my last.

The 1st January was life changing for me, and on that day I muttered the words "things can only get better" so in March, here i am checking on my year so far that I haven't fallen into the forbidden habit and I am making things work for me...

It's funny because so far this year I have been baking, cooking, crafting and laughing much more! I never saw that coming but the worst thing? It's all making me gain weight! ;-)

So are you breaking any bad habits this year?

So are busy planning your tea party and your bunting for the 3rd June? The Queens Diamond Jubilee isn't just about the extended bank holiday (who am I kidding!) but she is set to lead a flotilla of 1000 boats on the River Thames which is rumoured to be a magnificent sight! I am looking forward to experiencing this event with my daughters and getting crafty for the event. Any excuse for a little pink tea party with my gorgeous little girls ;-)

With this in mind, care to share your top crafty blogs/websites with me? Altered art? Card making? Scrapbooking? Bunting galore?