Are You Blogging Too?

With today being the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge I thought that I had better create a WOW post...but then I remembered that I did promise myself a while ago that I would write truthfully and not put too much pressure on myself (I don't talk to myself very often). Blogging every day for 30 days will be a fun challenge and I will simply loose myself in the world of blogging amongst friends.

I plan on blogging about myself, my dreams, tips for blogging successfully and using other Social Media outlets, networking, making new friends and contacts and talking about other bloggers in craft and parenting. Being a mummy will also play a big part in this 30 day journey.

Are you blogging too? Share a link with me here each day so I can pop along and read!

A couple of tips for blogging...

1. If you feel inspired and have a head full of ideas then write a bunch of blog posts and have them filed on your computer ready to fit in with the right prompt. The prompts are a way of helping you to feel inspired and get you blogging about, perhaps topics that you haven't thought about.

2. I found that in January, I was attracting many more readers to my blog when I blogged on an evening! Releasing my blog posts about 10pm seemed to hit those lovely blog readers who were doing a spot of bed time reading. I will be trying different times once again to see if my research still proves correct. Try doing the same!

Now make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed so you can keep up to date with my 30 day blogging...please?

Good Luck x